Let’s talk about sex

I want to talk about sex.

This will be uncomfortable but I am here so let’s chats.

What make men turn to porn?
Why are children involved?
Human trafficking, why is it a thing?
I know all of these questions are tough to hear and even tougher to answer.

There are many points I want to make here.

Another question I have here is even more uncomfortable.
What makes children go?
Now before you jump all over me I understand that there’s obvious reasons like force and size etc. but I think there’s even more to it. And goes into how we parent and how we live today. Which I may not go into in this piece. But will definitely address.

First off let’s call a space a space, the United States dominates the media globally. Our desire for acceptance and to be loved seen and validated is fed through the media. And “Their” desire of greed is a perfect storm.

A grown man in his prime has the power. Sometimes women haven’t been regarded as human let alone equals. And nor should we want to be equals. The way some men behave, why would we want to be equal to that.

That’s our saving grace, our internal compass is still very much intact. Our morals and nurturing compassion is our true north. Hence why when we reach a level of success equal to our male counterparts it continues to be a struggle and not as rewarding as you had once believed it to be. Instead men will fall because what they are standing on (most of them) isn’t real.

It’s because of this that we’re in this predicament. Most men are not living a fulfilled life that matches the internal compass. Most are fulfilling someone else’s dream in the hopes of catching a break at some point. But in the mean time the need for a “hit” of something is off the charts. No where is it accepted socially or privately for a man to expose this part of himself. If done, he is put down, condemned and referred to as a woman in the most negative way possible. The man’s socially accepted blue prints consists of putting profits over people every time. And in order to cover up the attempt of denying the heart’s truth distractions lead the way. And if you can’t one, one will be provided for you.

This I believe is how we get to children, porn and human trafficking.
Also keep in mind, we constantly live our lives in a prison system; even within our own homes. You are right beside other people, just on the other side of the wall but you don’t interact with them. Our sense of community is still a desire but never nourished. Or very rarely. We are more and more distant from our families. We never get to know anyone, we stay isolated and locked up. We keep our doors locked and the windows covered.

As with all things created there’s a positive side and a negative side. There internet is one of those things. I’ts made everything easier. It’s all in how you use it.

If I were to ask you why do you think human trafficking exists and is so popular and profitable?

I would guess most would say because men are “pigs”. ( means disgusting) Most would agree to that but what about a man in power? Someone we have trusted and revered as significant. Do you see that person as disgusting? Probably not. The Bill Cosby trials were a really good example of that. He had come into our homes as the funny guy, a trusted doctor, a father and husband. We would rather keep that ideology of him alive so not to re-examine ourselves and our belief, than believe the women and their accounts.

This is why for me that human trafficking is popular and profitable today. We don’t want to believe it. “They” depend on you not believing it. Until it happens to you or someone you know and the story get’s repeated over and over again. The people who profit the most assist in setting the laws that allow this behaviour to not happen but so that it’s also accepted which in turn means groomed.

If we do not allow allow emotions of men be shared this will continue. I know it seems simple enough but it hasn’t happened…yet. Anyone who is suppressed will find somewhere to release that emotion, sensation, feeling. If we don’t we will continue to put profit ahead of people.