Just my thoughts

  • I feel like I don’t belong here..
    “I am confident, I stand tall, knowing all things are possible, I live an extraordinary life” As the years begin to accumulate you begin to…
  • Pain Vs Happiness
    Which one do you relate to the most? I was watching a movie the other night and the character gets betrayed and feels great sadness.…
  • How to Help a Child
    when they don’t want to live with their parents anymore If a child doesn’t want to move with a parent and is upset about the…
  • Lost and Found
    People put more effort into finding an animals owners than they do with a lost child. Why is that? We see a child who is…
  • Sunday’s Thoughts turned into Monday
    Hello Beautiful. I am sitting here in my new office trying to figure out what to write. I was working on something different but felt…

Current Events
  • Homeless isn’t the Problem not caring is.
    I just heard a commercial on the radio, which I barely listen to these days. It went a little something like this. Your donations help…
  • gossip good or bad?
    Is gossip a good thing or just plain mean. In here is where I will share my opinion current events. Some of the events maybe…
  • Covid19 is a Gift for Education
    If there ever was a time to reform our education system, now would be the time. We need to put into practice what we teach. Now is the time.
  • The Unworthy Epidemic
    Everyone is frantic, everyone feels scared and senses more fear around the corner. Our structures that have held our beliefs are melting and turn into blood that flows onto the streets for the public to witness and the world to see.
Story Time
  • It’s almost Christmas now what?
    So it’s almost Christmas and this year has been one for the history books to say the least. This is the time of year that…
  • How does one continue to live?
    How do you begin to recover after someone betrays your trust? I trusted someone so much that I trusted them with the life of my…
  • Once upon a time
    Here is where I will tell stories. Some may be from real life and others will be shared stories passed down from other story tellers.…

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