• YoU dEcIdE
    Life is made up of decisions we make in every microsecond. Those decisions are our Free Will whether you want to or you don’t it doesn’t matter if you’re even aware that you do it or don’t do it. That is very perceptive of the present moment. To be aware of it, is it something we can ever do and why would you want to? I think it helps to react with intention and not just reacting unaware. As such a reaction has a ripple effect that we may never be aware of. The ripple effect is not for you […]
  • Surving, not living
    I have been stuck on survivor mode for long enough. It’s time for me to thrive and Excel. Are you tired of just only trying to survive? I know how exhausting and lonely it can be. Just when you think you can breathe normally and you’ve got this, the bottom falls out and it seems like it will never end. You’re  really not alone. It’s just most of us are faking it out of fear that will be judged for not doing a good job. The good job I’m referring to is the one society and the media tells us […]
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