215 babies were not with their families when they took their last breath.

Canada has a very bad stain on it’s soil and part of it’s history was exposed to the world today.
(May 29 2021) This isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I am Canadian and I feel ashamed that this happened. I feel embarrassed that it was covered up and hidden. I am pissed off that someone or many could continue on living their lives while knowing the truth.

Our history of how we got to this point is like many. It was taken, stolen from the beautiful souls who took care of this great land we call home. They should be treated like Gods but not the kind of God that was leading that so called school who allowed 215 children to die.

It’s a tragedy and I wish I could sit with each one of them and say how sorry I am. I wish I could sit with the families of each child and hold their hand. Their tears have watered this land we stand on and say we stand up for. We have paved over their blood that we slaughtered for our inflated egos.

We say we are free but we will never be free until everyone is.
We stole these children from the only home they’ve ever known, kidnapped them from their families. We cut their hair, denied them their culture, their language and told them who to love. A God, we created but will never measure up to the ones they prayed for before we came along.

How do we repair this damage? We cannot deny it any longer, we must take a stand for what is right. We must do the right thing for them not us. How can we start to heal? I have so many questions but I am too angry right now to have a civil conversation. This so called church/school/religion needs to be held accountable and that I believe is our job.