Covid19 is a Gift for Education

If there ever was a time to reform how we run our schools, now would be the time.

We are smack in the middle of a global pandemic with Covid19 and we are just over a month away from the time our children should be returning to school. However we have had them home since March due to the outbreak. Everyone is scrambling to try and figure out what to do come the new school year.

Communicate to each other. I don’t just mean send out a newsletter or host a press junket or just simply make a statement, no. Talk to each other. When have the schools and parents and students ever actually talked with each other? And no I do not mean a committee either. The school principle should be reaching out to the staff and to the community. They are the leaders for that school. It’s time we had some real leadership.

One school board cannot and should NOT make a decision for every school, every teacher, every parent, and every student.

Listen, every single school is different they are set up completely different. Not all classrooms are the same. Each one is uniquely different and not one system will fit all. Please just communicate effectively and ask what they want. Include teachers, parents and students. Also find out what each one is willing to do.

I actually believe this should be done before every new school year. The school should be a staple within the community. You need everyone involved for it to work the best.

I agree that it will take some time. I agree there will require some extra resources but if we can’t show up now when can we?

We need to put into practice what we teach. Now is the time.