did we have sex?

Abortion is a hot topic these days. I find this the most un-useful waste of time ever. If you were not part of the process of conception then why is it any of your business?

And if you think you are about to say that you are doing the work of God. Well let me inform you of something. If your God is all “good and mighty” what makes you think your God needs a representative. Can it not speak for itself?
Can your God not care of a woman all by itself? Like seriously? If it requires you to speak for it and do its work, then I’m sorry to say it’s not what you think it is.

Being a man does not give you the right about anything involving anyone else. Let alone someone’s body. And using a belief or religion to justify such behaviour is a joke to say the least.

If you want to “save” children, then please share with us how many you are currently fostering. Or how many you are supporting because trust me when I say there are many children who would love to be loved that much; that you’re claiming. I am pretty sure both of these answers are going to be zero because if you were then you would be too busy taking care of them.

Each decision is based on a unique and individual process. There is not a one size fits all answer for this. If you don’t want anyone making decisions about your body or your life then why would you think it’s okay to do it someone else? How do you think you would feel if someone you have never met, have no clue on who they are was making decisions for you about your body. A decision that could be life threatening, how would you feel?

Let me tell you from experience that these procedures are necessary and possibly saved my life. It was out of my control. My body told me something was wrong and the professional medical team knew what to do. I feel extremely grateful that I was in a place where I didn’t need to worry about breaking any laws. I needed to hide. I was already full of lots of emotions. I couldn’t imagine adding that to it.

I can also tell you that what is needed is not another stupid law about our bodies but instead empathy, compassion, support. But then again why would you? You weren’t there when it all started.