One foot stuck in the past & the other trying to move forward

Most of us have one foot firmly planted and almost rooted in our past while the other is wanting to move forward.

Imagine if you will, a foot stuck in muck, shit, mud whatever..all those problems you don’t want to face. Maybe it’s a bad relationship or one just needs some work but you refuse to take a look at it or a bad job that you just can’t leave because of a really good reason have. Maybe it’s a location you want to move away from.

The other foot represents the future, the hopes and dreams of your tomorrows, it broke free but can only go as far as you can stretch it. At which point you do not want to over stretch it or pull something, because that is when the pain kicks in.

Then you end up getting both stuck again and you spend your valued time trying to wiggle one of them free again only to keep coming back because you do not want to leave this so called comfort zone you’re in.

So around this sink hole and mess, it gets yucky the more we cry, and we cry because we’re sad of where we are because it doesn’t bring us much joy and there’s this calling deep down inside us that whispers there’s more but we can’t see it and we’ve never been there. The tears add to the dirt and only makes it worse. That’s why we keep wiggling out one of the feet, we have good faith that we’re going to move but we want the freed food to stand on something solid before we leave this mess we’ve made.. but where do think that freed foot will land, it will only go as far as you’re stretch. And usually around a muddy mess are other muddy messes and shit flies, so you try to step out of your mess to find something more but all you ever land on is other messes and are surrounded by flies. So you keep coming back because you don’t find anything more.

When we are stuck in a situation like this as well, this is why we don’t want anyone else to come around us. We will go to great lengths to keep certain people away from us, not because we don’t love them or anything like that but we don’t to get them stuck in our mess either. It’s because we love them that we want them to stay away.

You must keep going and trust there’s more taking one step at a time.