Follow your Fear

Follow your fear may seem like an odd thing to say because usually we tell everyone to follow the dreams.

But what if fear is the one who is really speaking to us. Think about it, it really knows how to get our attention and in a big flash.

Fear is actually leading us to our greatest gift. We only fear it because we are ignoring our true calling which is currently being protected by fear.

What are you afraid of?

For myself I have been afraid of speaking up. When I was a child I was told to stay quiet and to sit still. This came from those who loved me. Therefore I equalize this as me being loved when I stay quiet. However (my hands are shaking) I am meant to speak up. This terrifies me because it is a death to that story of me being quiet and staying small and easily controlled. The death of that is the belief that I will not be loved if I do so.

Fear is actually guarding my calling while at the sametime trying to get my attention.

Your dreams are always on the other side of fear.

So what do we do? Do we stay small and live our limited belief system that was created when we were just learning to walk and talk? Honestly the system is outdated but “hey it’s the way I’ve always done it” is what most will say.

It’s like I am searching for permission which is also an old belief that I have obtained from my early years. If I am going to go out and do something very different then I must get permission. It’s like getting permission makes it OK if it doesn’t turn out…like they will still love me because they won’t be surprised which can at times make them upset and seem like they don’t love me. It’s funny because I have received permission from lots of other people but it just wasn’t the right one…

Confusion like smoke fills the space I am in.

OK, OK the fear I have about not doing it is the answer. Yes! So I am afraid they won’t love me anymore if I actually speak my mind and share it with the world. I am afraid that they won’t understand me if I share it. I am afraid they will continue to ignore me. I am afraid that they won’t  want me in their life. I’m afraid I will never fulfill my life’s desire and be able to show it to them.

So for all those reason of being afraid is the exact same answer of why I must do it.

I must share my ideas and speak up and share it with the world because of what I am afraid of.

They will love me more when I speak up and share it with the world.

They will be able to understand me more when I speak up and share it with the world.

They will want me in their life once I speak up and share it with the world.

I must show them my heart through speaking up and sharing it with the world.

And then in the meantime… I will find whatever I can to avoid doing it. I have done the work here and yet I am still searching for something else that will move me. Nothing is holding me back.. I have everything I have ever wanted and all I will ever need to do this.. Hey instead of saying that there’s nothing left to get to do and instead recite I am speaking up and sharing with the world.

There is noting left to in my way but instead this is what I do. There’s this and I love it.

The fact I was scared to do it is completely natural and totally expected and …… I love that.