How to Gain your Life back

Confidence comes from pride. Pride comes from trusting yourself.
Trusting yourself means doing what you say you’ll do and be proud that you showed up. Abso-fucking-lutely!
Dreams and ideas come to the surface for a reason. We must breathe life into them. It’s not up to us to decide if it’s going to do well or not. It was brought to you for a reason that you’re not aware of yet.
You do no need to validate your dreams / ideas and there is no reason or justification required to pursue them.
You are simply the messenger, the vessel in which it can easily come through.
Think of it this way. When water flows down a river, it always takes the easiest way to get through.
Ideas and dreams are the flow of life. They too will find the easiest way to get through.
You are chosen for a reason. One in which you may not find out why. But they (ideas) entrust them into you. Feel honoured you are the one.
Stop questioning why. Just breathe into it.
Especially if it sparks something in you. Go with that.
Don’t worry how big it is. Who’ll see it or who won’t. This is for you.
It’ll go where it needs to. It’ll flow the easiest path. It just needs to come through you. You were the one they trusted it with the most. That is a planned design for sure. Honour it.
It will take you places beyond your imagination. You’ll meet people along the way who’ll love it and some you’ll need and they’ll be there. No worries. Some will test you and you’ll want to quit. Those are the ones who are scared the most.
Remember, they are the ones who need you the most.
If they try to take advantage of you, it’s because you can help them. Instead of judging, ask what can I do to help?
Some people will show up whom you thought were beyond your reach.
No one is beyond your reach. No better. No worse. We’re all the same. Just different vehicles wearing different coats, going to the same place. Just taking a different route at different speeds. We’ll all get there. Just enjoy the view along the journey. Relax. It’s just life.
Don’t take it too seriously. We pay with an unlimited source here of attention. That’s our human currency. It’s all the same. How we spend it is how we live and how we die into the next world. That’s it, that’s all. To live a life on purpose, follow your dreams, breathe your life into them. Feel proud of yourself one action at a time. This puts the power where it truly matters. In you. The power is what’s needed for the dream.
We are all born with purpose. That’s how we know we have purpose. We are born. Period. Within that life, we are given a “mission”. What do we do with it? Like I said, it only goes the easiest way. If it comes from you, then that’s it. That’s your mission, your purpose. Are you listening?