How to build Confidence through Customer Service

Confidence I believe is built through your past.

There are so many signs and quotes of don’t look in the review mirror because you’re not going that way which is true. You shouldn’t be living there however I think you need to take inventory of it.

Have you ever made a list of your accomplishments? If not, you should and here’s why..

In your past holds the answers to your all of your questions.

When we only look at the future we only see what we can have and that is a when you are being sold a golden promise of nothing. Take for instance that you are being sold that you can have the carrot that’s hanging in front of you if you move towards it and if you believe in it enough then it shall be yours. But the carrot is on a stick and will always be just out of your reach. We have been sold this promise over and over again.

Standing behind us and walking with us is our past, everyone you have ever encountered stays with you. All who came before you and everyone they met is with you always. It’s not a soldier walking into war but instead it has the collective power of all. The power of the light is within you and those from your past.

We reset in the dark and gather together and restore the power, once morning arrives it is all given to you in the form of the light.

If you could see a crowd standing behind you as far as your eyes could see and you knew they were there for you, with you no matter what. No matter the decision, no matter the joy, no matter the heart ache…. what would you do? What could you do?

They will never tell you what to do but the voices in your head are a collective of them. There is wisdom amongst them but there is also fear and silliness, there is great sorrow and explosions of great joy and you being one of them.

Fear is usually at the forefront of your mind as it has been carefully planted there for you. Fear keeps you scared and when you’re scared you will cling to just about anything for help. That’s what it is to be vulnerable, there are many who will prey on this and in order for them to survive the way they want to survive depends on you staying in fear.

In the past are the greatest stories ever.

I also believe that the ego is the best thing we ever have, it’s the actual conversation we can have with ourselves.

Awareness is the key

Empathy is the connection and connection is what I call customer service.