Denise Hamel

Building Better Caring Communities

We are a non-profit organization putting the people first and Building Better Caring Communities. 


We create a safe and caring community where the people support one another, through either teaching or learning. The skills are basic life skills. Including a teaching kitchen to home repairs.Our experienced generations teaches the younger ones while building lasting relationships for generations to come.

When this happens we end up lowering homelessness, mental illness, crime rate, domestic abuse, loneliness, suicide, depression, welfare, social assistance and illness.

We improve lives

We believe in the people. We believe in the human spirit. We believe everyone wants to be loved and recognized and that they matter. To be acknowledged for who we are not for what we think society wants us to be. Building Better Caring Communities is just one way of doing this. It takes a village to raise a child and how we want our  village to look is up to us.

We can create change by one act of kindness at a time

Within this building there is also a learning centre where a mentoring/tutoring program takes place, where children are encouraged to explore their passions. We are about sharing our knowledge of basic home skills from a teaching kitchen, fixing and repairing donated furniture and appliances to be sold and donated back into the community. We are passing this knowledge down to the next generation in a compassionate way.

Communities are needing a change not just a hand out

An opportunity to do something for each other with compassion

We are always looking for more beautiful people who wish to make a change in the world. If you want to be a part of a caring community please contact us to see how you can work together. 
If you’re needing help, please contact us, you matter.

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