Lost and Found

People put more effort into finding an animals owners than they do with a lost child.
Why is that?

We see a child who is away from their parents and we think nothing of it and just keep going on about our day. Or do you take it home with you and pretend it’s your own?

What makes people not try to connect with the mother or father? What is that?

To some it may look like the child and even the animal are having a good time. They may even like they want to go home with you. But like the humane society the attempt needs to be that the proper owner is found. But what about a child? What happens then? Are the parent near? Do you know the parents? What efforts if any do you make to reconnect the family unit. In my case there was none. Not one single person reached out to me. Sorry that’s not entirely true, there was a lawyer acting on the fathers behalf however when he was approached about this his reply was, it had nothing to do with him and how hated spending that kind of money.

This maybe something I will never fully ever understand. But I am sure I will come back and share even more about this.

The devastation of not knowing where your child is heartbreaking. And then to find out that the people to whom you had believe he was in care of brainwashed him to never have any contact with me, his mother.

Just a few of my thoughts today with this. …for now.