it wasn’t all bad

Well 2020 wasn’t all bad.

I was able to stay home and be safe.
We purchased a newer car.
We built 2 home offices & a sound studio.
I am writing from a new laptop.
I slept very well in a comfortable bed last night.
Thankfully, I have access to fresh food and I am able to store it & cook delicious meal with it. I learned to stand in my own light & use my own voice.
We built a desk for me to use for my work.
Thankfully I make my own coffee at home.
We built a deck outside to be able to enjoy the nice weather in the warmer months.
My home has heat and air conditioning which is really appreciated.
This voluptuous body I am blessed having keeps me going.
To have access to clean drinking water.
To be able to use the newest technology to communicate & stay connected with those I love & who I want to get to know (p.s. My phone number has been the same for 12 years).
Blessed to have the funds pay for all of this and honoured to have an imagination that inspires me to create.

This list is long and I choose to close out this year with a long list of gratitude.
I find this year brought so much clarity into my life.
A veil was pulled back and things were exposed that most had no idea was even happening. From #blacklivesmatter to #metoo #defundthepolice there were many causes to take a stand too. Watching from afar how our leaders handled the global situation that is Covid. Seeing how we rallied together to help one another while keeping our distance.

In my personal life I saw more truth and let go of old beliefs. Coming to terms that some people will never be trustworthy again. Forgiving myself for allowing certain people so close to me

As we all go into the new year, let’s bring a little more of things we’re grateful for. Leave behind the things we don’t want and say good bye to them once and for all.

May your best day in 2020 be your worst in 2021. It will get better, things can change. Move into 2021 with courage, peace & love.