You are where you are in your life due to the choices you’ve made. You always have a choice. You have the choice on how to react to any situation. How do you live within yourself in the now?
Personal power is how you live within yourself.
We are all more alike than different. We are all being humans together.
When we are younger we have no concept of anything being different. We are taught not necessarily to hate but we are taught to let go of the younger child we once were. We are reminded constantly that we are no longer that little person and that we are now grown up. However, there is still that young child inside each one of us. That young child yearns to be able to come out and play. We keep trying but those around us who have lost sight of theirs and who appear to not want their inner child to come out, will stop at nothing to stop ours to come out. We, as a society, have done everything possible to stop this from happening time and time again.
If there is an adult who still plays, we are trained to think that this person is crazy and uncivilized and that they need to grow up and be apart of the real world.
The difference to me about this person is that they are doing what’s in their heart and not necessarily open to being changed and trained to serve something else other than themselves.
That’s the difference to me and I think it’s a crime. We stop it at all cost. Because someone who is serving themselves and is having fun and living the dreams and hopes and love from a child space is not a robot and easily controlled. I wish for my inner child to be able to come out and play whenever she wants to. She deserves it.
Why is having fun, such a bad thing? It really shouldn’t be. My whole life, I have always done what others thought I should be doing. I have always wanted to see others happy therefore I did what I thought I had to do to make others happy and when they didn’t appear happy then I felt like the failure. I needed to try harder and show it in a bigger way.

Can you imagine a world where we were all being true to ourselves? Living our true self, our core is love and children, young ones know this. We are born into it, from it. We need to play more and let go of this belief of being perfect and contributing to someone else’s dream. 
Live out your own dreams and dream big!