Denise Hamel

Do you have a Life?

You don’t have a life. You are a life.. alive.

Most of us don’t actually live it though. Most choose to wait and see what happens then adjust accordingly if necessary. Adjustments are generally only preformed out of great pain most will even tolerate the pain believing it’s natural. Fear keeps them in cages they built themselves and will even lock the door. The door that they have the key for. They will use the excuse “it’s to keep them safe, to keep people out. But you cannot do that without keeping you in.

Then there’s the hidden treasure of great wealth most will never use, the very one that most will continue to cover up in an attempt to hide from preying eyes. Deep within that treasure chest are the most precious gems we call emotions. Careful not to let them be exposed to the light and definitely not in front of anyone else. It’s not that they may be stolen no. It’s a precaution to not let anyone know they have them. These people I fear the most for they are empty, nothing more than a shell that others will use for themselves like a hermit crab always wanting a new shell to call home. They can be stolen, used and are easily manipulated. A slow death perhaps.

But it’s a treasure. It’s an endless bounty of great wealth. Emotions, such a beautiful expression of being human. It’s the key to being alive. We must recognize this abundance within ourselves. It’s our north star always leading us along our journey here. An internal map even. Without it we are lost.

There’s no right or wrong. Just allow them to flow, pop up and be exposed. Relish in the beauty of who are are. We are alive. We are life. Stop pretending you’re not and be you. Go on a treasure hunt today it won’t be too hard to find them. It’s where you want to pile things up. Stop dong that and they will come to the surface on their own. Enjoy.

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