Surving, not living

A page from my journal.

I have been stuck on survivor mode for long enough. It’s time for me to thrive and Excel. Are you tired of just only trying to survive? I know how exhausting and lonely it can be. Just when you think you can breathe normally and you’ve got this, the bottom falls out and it seems like it will never end. You’re  really not alone. It’s just most of us are faking it out of fear that will be judged for not doing a good job.

The good job I’m referring to is the one society and the media tells us we should have. I called BS. it’s challenging. Life isn’t always easy and the pain is real. Hearts get broken and plans unravel. Dreams dissolve Into Thin Air and it happens to us all. It’s time to get real.

Life here is really short. We’re all doing the best we can. I’m doing my best. The best part for me is when I discover the real story behind someone I admire, someone I look up to.

When I hear about their upbringing or their trials and tribulations, the Heartbreak then the climb out of it, the true got exposed with determination and unwaveringly strength, that seems to come out of nowhere. That’s the stuff that pushes me to do better. That’s the stuff I can relate to the most. I can connect on that level. We share the struggles and we are in the darkness together. It’s just we can’t see each other. I generally can’t relate to making millions and millions of dollars are dining with Oprah yet because I’m open to the idea.

There’s something about the rawness of the climb that connects us and it never stops. Even if you’re wealthy and dining with Oprah, there’s always a climb. That’s what life is all about, climbing. If you’re anything like me, then there are multiple times when I just want to relax and enjoy life. I want the struggle to be over but I don’t really think it ever ends. It just keeps changing.

We only change how to deal with it or how to look at it. Through experiences and timeoh, some things do become easier that’s for sure. You can either go through life enjoying it and moving with the detours of life or be pissed and stay at the last intersection and watch others go by. The choice is yours.

Let’s talk about some of the struggles.

Let’s share our experiences on how we’re able to come through the other side. What did it take to smile again? How did you finally get out of bed?

It’s in our darkest moments we see that person smile and wonder what it is that they have that I don’t, and secretly wish to be like that. How do they do it?