If you don’t believe you matter

If you don’t believe you matter then you will reflect out onto the world that it doesn’t matter. You will treat others how you treat yourself.

We like to think it goes the other way sometimes, that the world doesn’t treat us very nice. Yes there are a lot of things out there that may try to knock you down but it’s our own thoughts that truly decide how we react to them.

What are you morning rituals? How do you go to bed? Do you have certain things you always do before you go bed that will help you sleep or do you simply collapse and toss and turn all night?

I have been in fault of this myself too, you’re not alone. I have felt like I don’t matter with many things in my life. Just out of habits seeing others do the same thing, the women in my family were strong and powerful but in many ways seemed to be only serving the men in their lives. However when I grew up something changed, there became another option was being told that I could have it all. But I didn’t have any role models to help me out. I have been on this journey to try and figure it out…I still am.

However what I know for sure is that how we treat ourselves is how we will treat others. Not saying it’s right or wrong it’s just the truth. If you are like me and have fear of failing, and have let yourself down more times than you can count on, you’re not alone. Every time I tell myself, tomorrow morning I will eat better, and go for a walk and I end up finishing the bag of chips sitting on the counter and park my ass on the couch. I feel like I  have let myself down. I have somehow managed to convince myself that if I don’t put out much, then I can’t let someone else down. I have made it somewhat OK to let myself down but not anyone else. Truth be told though, letting myself down is actually letting others down.

For years I have had successful business ideas that will help so many people live a better life and make many people very rich but have not believed I deserve it. So I sit on it, I try to hide my dreams among the shadows of fear of failing. I wait and wait for another day to pass and with each passing day I keep letting myself down one more time.

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