Good Morning Beautiful.

Somedays are easier than others when it comes to my writing. I love the days when the words flow out of me like my is not one of those days.

The house is quiet once again and I am alone in my dream home. You would think that I should be exploding with happiness but not so much. The happiness comes and goes like waves in the ocean and perhaps that’s exactly how it should be. My breath does the same thing and I don’t seem to get upset when I do so, it appears to take turns exploring all of life. ..Interesting. …

Anyhow I am dressed..very casual and comfy for my morning with coffee although I am feeling like a second cup maybe in order. I actually really love being present with a cup of coffee in the morning and this morning that didn’t really happen. Other things seemed to take over and this is the first time I am actually writing something and it’s 9:55am

I am watching the Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey with Echart Tolle and I paused it to go get my nail polish to do at the same time and I ended up getting distracted and polished off my bed and slipped into something else to wear.

Thoughts run through my head like oh I should do something physical, a walk, a bike ride etc etc it’s so nice out. Then I remembered I have laundry that can be hung outside and oh there’s another load in the dryer and oh I have three or four more loads to do. So I took the time and did that, laundry is hung outside and another load is in the washing machine.

Then I come back to my make shift office space in the kitchen and I have a mouth full of coffee left but it’s cold and it doesn’t seem it worth it to try and heat it up…oh the problems I face in my day.

I’m at the part of Super Soul Sunday where they are discussing about how the world and in particularly with the governments etc how this regress is actually making us more aware into a higher consciousness.

The light switched on inside me and get a load of this and this is a pun you will understand in a minute. When you are in a dangerous situation where you may even fear your life. All of your senses heighten and you very quickly focus and recall those things that truely matter. This is the call to greatness and we have been a sleep for so long that this is the only way most of us are going to woken up..and it’s already happening. Some are already fearing for their lives..

Oprah herself has said many times and she repeated it here again how everyone can open their heart space towards others and be at a more loving space. But I challenge that because we can only control ourselves. It is very difficult to do this when you hate yourself or don’t even just like yourself.

We are to open the heart towards ourselves first and foremost. Anything else is preparing yourself to go to war which is defending yourself or putting something onto someone else.

How is it ever possible to put a loving thought towards someone else if you can’t do it to yourself.

Just like many have said before you can’t expect any to love you if you don’t love yourself. We are all only example of how to treat yourself. That is it. period.

I wrestle with this every day and from minute to minute it is different. Like I said above it comes in waves like the ocean. Even if I am feeling really good and feel like I am on point with my mood and love towards myself; what’s the first thing I want to do. Share it and or try to push it onto someone else. Seems selfish or is it just that you want to share a good thing. ?? I am going to say it’s selfish..sharing your abudantness is all pretty good but I think this is where the humbleness comes in. This is really where you should be humble instead.

Shoulder Shrug here… thinking. ..

I have to remove the “things” in my life. what that means is remove talking about things because that’s where I got stuck I think. Wanting to share things and give things away, sure I think that’s pretty good. But doing things with the intent for others to feel like you do is egoic

Ok with that then, imagine a world where everyone worried (not worried) about their own feelings and opened up their own heart to love themselves. Anything else is a distraction from reality because the only reality that exists is within our own mind.

If you see rage and anger in another person that means you see it in yourself. We only see in others what we need to love within ourselves. For the world is never angry or without love, it is a beautiful place that is always providing us unconditional love. Anything else has been put into your consciousness by someone else’s fear and isn’t real. We can only identify something in someone else because we have it within ourselves. All and anything you notice outside yourself is grabbing your attention to love that part of yourself, for love, unconditional love; which is a state of peace and is all there ever is.

*Originally written Monday October  23 2017 9:50am

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