We are losing our power

*Originally written Friday October 20 2017  and we are all using every device known to man to connect to each other and collecting unlimited knowledge at a rate beyond anything we have ever seen before.

We are stretching ourselves too thin..so thin that nothing has our attention.

Whether it’s an email, a text, social media with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, let alone all the other apps and or devices that we are connected to. Then on top of that most of the social media and google pay extra attention to your habits and will send you thing “it” believes you will like or at the very least something that get your attention.

So now imagine that you are this elastic and possibly even an unlimited one but each one of these things has a piece of you…where are you really?

We are never in the present moment…?

Who or what really has our attention and then the better question is why?

Why do these feeling-less devices have our attention?

Do we need to do a detox and step away from all and reconnect to …..??

Should we be connected to anything? If so what? Is it nature? Other humans?

Can you ask yourself this question and answer it with your truth. .

When you are searching for connection what kind of connection are you really looking for?

Or could it be that we are all just avoiding being present?

Is there something we think we are hiding and feel compelled to avoid?

Could it be that we are all just seeking connection but we prefer to avoid connecting with ourselves because truth be told that is the only connection we ever need.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit the fact is that we can actually solve this mystery of always searching however we have been trained to believe that the answers are outside of ourselves. We think someone else has the answers therefore we are always searching instead of just being.

When in reality we always have all the answers. Some would go as far and say we are God and we are the only one here.

We are under the illusion that we are not enough and that there is a power greater than ourselves outside of us that has all the answers.

This belief is taught to us at a very early age of our existence our parents portrait to have more power than we do, our school systems takes away what power we think we might have and then there’s the religions that create this mystery of something greater out there. With this many compelling stories of something greater out there we are always on this journey of searching for something else outside of ourselves. However what always happens is that the journey always turns inward and you discover that you always had the power, the connection that was to be out there was inside you this whole time. You believed the biggest lie known to man. That you weren’t enough.

Control is the illusion of power.

If you don’t believe me then find out for yourself… I know I am..

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