Does the mind need validation too?

I have been on this journey of searching for something outside of myself only to be drawn back in every time to my own …?

Not even sure what to call that anymore.

Anyways I have learned about meditation and being one and so on. But I am pretty sure that we wouldn’t really be able to survive without the mind we have grown and cultivated over time collecting evidence of it’s existence.

I can sit and stare off into space not really looking anything for quite some time.

Actually I’ve always been able to do this but it made others feel uncomfortable so I stopped because I learned early on that it’s better to be around people. And if you had the chance to keep them in a state of happiness then it’s always better to do that.

However as the years add up I am discovering that sitting and staring off into space is a good thing. All things in moderation as they say. Sitting quietly with my eyes closed seems like a echo from a prayer. I listen with such grace.

Ignoring the mind even while meditating isn’t the best thing either. It’s brilliant and is always collecting evidence to be used for later. It is no different than the rest of you, and no different than anyone else alive today. We all just want to know we matter and that we are valued just as we are. Complete with flaws and all. The mind is still a part of who you are and it’s functions are just as important anything else that this amazing body can do.

The mind is not a liar and it’s not a fraud, it’s simply just wanting some attention to. Maybe some recognition.. some validation. Just be..follow what feels right to you. The mind will come along no matter what. Be thankful for it all..things are sure different without it.

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