The obstacle is the path for you to take

The obstacle is the path.. I have heard this several different times today and this last one struck a cord in my brain.

The obstacle is the path. What does that really mean? Let’s explore the meaning of the word.

Obstacle: a thing that blocks or stands in the way. An obstruction.

In other words something to avoid and to go around. But what if it’s not and it’s actually something you need to face and deal with.

Think about it for a many things in your own life have you avoided believing it to be an obstacle in your life but it kept coming back…same as a so called problem, a set back etc.

I can sure recall quite a few and when I stop and think about it everyone was something I had to deal with eventually. (searching my mind for a clue of one that I had to avoid) Not sure I can come up with any.

What if there’s a clue in the obstacle instead. What if you are really needing to learn something within it and that it is required for you to learn it because it’s needed for the next step.???

Can you even imagine facing an obstacle instead of going around it and avoiding it completely?

Recalling an obstacle of my own..

Are you thinking of one yourself?

Going over my past I have to agree with this statement. The answer was always in the obstacle..plain and simple but my mind and the training I’ve had thus far as being a human led me not to believe what was happening. Instead I would get angry and find something or someone to blame this unfair injustice on. (sounds crazy saying that now) I was careful to have “fun” addictions to fall back on in times of need.

I believe now that the way is towards the pain, the obstacle. Not in the chasing of doing something “wrong” but to examine it and understand why it bothers. If it’s bothering me then that means I am arguing with what reality is. If it’s causing me pain then I am avoiding going a direction that feels better. Things only bother us when we believe it should be a certain way. It is there to show you something. Do you see it?

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