Women’s Day in the Business World

As women in business we do it a little differently and that’s Awesome!

We are creators of life and need a community to grow with in support and caring with compassion.

We are not like men and the way they have been running businesses is not what half of the world wants.

For way too long we as women have tried to fit into the mold that men have made and we just don’t fit. I myself have been trying for years and it has never felt right to me. I like many other women are a multitask-er and I just can’t do it any other way. As a creator of life I can look after more than one child at a time, while making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the home and smiling or trying to… This is how we work. For me I need to switch things up and I am tired of trying to hide it and I no longer accept being made to feel like there is something wrong with me for not being able to pick just one thing and seeing to the “finish” line. Whatever that is.

Face it we are made differently and this is a good thing. As a woman out in public running a business or not, we care about the other person. We want to help and reach out to someone. That is how we are made. We want to nurture and take care of the world. I am sick and tired of being forced to hide it.

I have an infinite source of ideas that can help the world. Because of the male dominated society we live in I have been made to believe that I need hide my ideas and keep them for myself. The me against them scenario..I say ENOUGH.

I am giving them all away. My prayer is for others to use them and create the life they want to have and to use them to make a difference in the world beginning with themselves. There’s no motive behind any of them. Most of them are legit business ideas that can really make a lot of money but what they all can do is to help someone else. To create change within this world.

I am in the process of coming up with the “best” place to share them all. I say best in quotes because there really isn’t one best place. It’s just being able to put them somewhere so others can share them or use them themselves.

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