Sorry not sorry

When someone says sorry what does that really mean?

I had something happen to me not too long ago. Here’s my story.

I had worked on something all day. It was a passion thing, I was creating and designing a home. It was fun and the day just slipped away. I was excited to be finished with it and wanted to share it with my husband when he arrived home from his day job.

He arrived home with his daughter, it’s always a treat when she comes to visit. She’s still in school therefore her time is consumed.

They both arrived and the greetings were casual and filled with some excitement.
I prepared my work to admired by him.

He stood over my shoulder and glanced onto my days work. The program wasn’t working the way I wanted it to and I could sense tension rising. He stepped away for a minute so I could figure it out and call him back when it was working better.

He came back over and showed him my beautiful work. It wasn’t working the way he wanted it to be working. He asked if he could sit down and play around with it and view it. I replied yes as long as he didn’t move anything. I was only in a test mode. He sat down and began the journey into the room.. He moved something.. I said no. You said you wouldn’t move anything. Get up you’re done I told him. He then proceeded to say something about a building code.

I lost it right in that moment.

My insides were crushed. He did this right in front of his daughter. How am I suppose to react to it? It wasn’t fair and it certainly wasn’t necessary. I have to stand up for myself because he surely wasn’t standing up with me or even trying to help me up in fact he was stepping on me after he pushed me over.

Needless to say I am furious.

The fact that he’s actually teaching his daughter how to be treated in the future because everything little girl loves their daddy and will look for a man to be just like him.

I know this for sure as I am an example too.

Today I am choosing to be pissed off and not being sorry for it either. I am standing up for myself.

How do you handle it when someone puts you down?

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