Creating a plan or following the flow?

Creating a plan or following the flow?

I have been feeling lost in a sense…not to drastic just feeling lost maybe or unfulfilled. Which really makes me not feel good, for a few reasons.

One I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way.

Two I sense I have been suckered into the plan set out from society. “They” want me to be something else.

How many of you have heard this, go to school and do well and get yourself a good job, marry well and find a house, have a few kids and maybe some day you’ll be able to retire to enjoy life.

Well I’m sorry but life is pretty much over by the time that happens.

As I’ve said before the word retirement is simply your reward system for working towards someone else’s dream.

I really believe in something more. I believe we can follow our own dreams and be happy on a regular basis and not just when we stop working. What if we were happy every day?

I know such a foreign concept, right?

Anyways today my husband and I actually sat down and made a list of things that feel good to us. OK, being real…I made the list and resisted until I talked him down. We both have done enough self education into ourselves that we do know what feels right and what doesn’t.

So I made this list of things that we both feel good about, here’s our list:


finding a deal

very few bills

few responsiblities

like to travel

access to nature

road trips

being in a resourceful kitchen

healthy food

access to a gym in our home

building things

solving things

creating things

natural light

simple maintenance with our home

helping people

encouraging people


recycle and composting

being efficient

I believe if you know your likes, and follow them because let’s face it; it feels good to be and do what you like. Once you follow your likes they will lead you to your wants.

For a very long time I have chased my wants while ignoring my likes…and it hasn’t really worked out too good. I end up getting what I want but it doesn’t make me happy, because I didn’t go it with what I liked.

Anyways after we talked down my husband’s ego because he completely defended how we are currently leaving. (because most of it really isn’t supporting our above list) But once that happened we were able to really look at the list with honesty. It’s not about putting anyone down, it really about telling the truth and that feels really good. It feels lighter.

Once you’re able to really live in your truth of what you really like, then your wants will not only show up but you’ll feel better about them too. Give it a go.

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