You are exactly where you need to be.

Welcome to another Friday…

I was writing this morning about doing things that I don’t like to do. Are you able to check them off your list or does it stay on it forever?

Being in this new state of mind..kind of.. I am really wanting to lean into things that I love to do and that are easy because truthfully I believe that is where we really need to be. However the world as we’ve come to know it wants to believe that life is hard. Personally speaking I think that’s how they keep us at bay. If everyone did what they loved, there would be very little misery in the world and we would just be happy. We wouldn’t need outside products and things to make us so called happy as they put it so eloquently in commercials.

But what more about my writing this morning. I was somewhat testing myself to see if I could actually things done that I never wanted to do. Like a lot of things that I do now as part of my regular routine were once things I never use to like. It could be that I still don’t like them but I do them now. Does this make any sense? You see I was feeling like I wasn’t doing enough to make some of my dreams come true. I wanted to be doing more but felt frozen in my tasks.

Anyways I really haven’t gotten very far with this so far today, I have been awake for many hours thus far and I don’t think I’ve done thing on the list of my I don’t want to.

My husband has bee finding his own passion for work these days. He’s slowly moving towards those things that make him smile instead of doing things out of a duty. He shared with me this morning, right after I had wrote about doing this list of things that I don’t want to do. He shared with me his next step in making his dream come true..we both share this passion. We bounced off ideas with each other and he made a list of things he can do right away. Near the end of our conversation before he headed out the door it dawned on me that he had to be with me. Everything just clicked and fell into place.

My past work experience is exactly what he needs to help him to implement and sell this beautiful idea because he’s only ever worked in one industry his whole life thus far. We both got a little excited about this incredible that we can actually be working together and sharing what we both love to do.

Anyways for me the lesson here is to never doubt what your past experience has to do with where you are needing to go. It will present itself to you when the time is right. Just keep moving, you’ll get there. Here’s to believing.

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