Noise Fillers

Noise fillers to avoid feelings.
We have forgotten how to feel hence why we are attracted to noise fillers.
Like moths to a light on a summer evening.
We traded our feelings for the promise of attention.
Today we value attention over our own feelings.

As soon as a feeling comes up (which is completely normal and needed as it is our guidance system in our life) we turn to something else to help cover up and hide the feeling. We have allowed others to be our feelings for us. We have somehow accepted others to dictate our feelings and if you notice carefully it usually involves money or power. Absolutely every commercial is about a feeling or two one is about the one you want to have and the other is about the one you want to avoid.

Ones to avoid, loneliness, hunger, fear, and death. Ones we now desire happiness, satisfaction, safety and living but on “their” terms.

So, to go back to the feelings are needed to live our our life as it’s our guidance system. Currently most of us have handed over our GPS system to someone else or something else and we have allowed them to navigate us around as they see fit. So basically for their benefit. You may get some temporary relief as someone else is driving, it may feel nice to not have to worry about where you are going…..but it’s your life.

Have you ever tried to get someone out of the driver seat while the vehicle is moving? Can you imagine? I would say it’s would be pretty difficult. You’ve become the passenger in your own vehicle watching life pass you by, seeing all the accidents and praying you don’t get in one. You witness all the close calls but you literately have no control. It does not matter how long you hold your foot down on the imaginary brake, it won’t stop.

When this happens, you actually become lost and in some cases you may even say kidnapped. Except you agreed and allowed it to happen. It may have started out as fun but one wrong turn and things sure change quickly.

I would say this is where we are these days. Manipulated and tricked into believing things can be better if we let someone else drive our life for us. When did it really become a bad thing to avoid certain feelings? Can we ever learn to accept all of our feelings? Can that be the key we are searching for in order to fully accept everyone else and including ourselves just as we are?

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