I am always ready to move on..

Good Morning I am sitting here in my office trying to be creative and do my writing from here instead of pen to paper. I love the feel of a great pen in my hand in flowing across the fresh page. It looks like art when I am in the ‘zone’.

Outside the weather is finally cooler, but there is no sunshine that can be seen from here today. I know the sun is there it’s just hiding from us today however I have faith knowing it is there for me. Just like the love I have for my son, it`s always there but not really showing on the outside all the time.

We are going through some changes once again in our lives here and I love it! I love change, I know most of you have heard this before but I really do. (not sure if it’s just my ego-I try to keep it in check) but I thrive on new challenges. Nothing is ever as bad it seems, usually it could have been way worse than the current issue you’re trying to deal with. So I try to ride it out and be grateful for the experience and hope that there is something new for me to learn. Or sometimes revisit an old lesson I might have forgotten about and needed to re-learn.

We are planning a big move. Well not really a big one, but changing locations for sure, downsizing as well.. there’s so much to plan and prep for. I am also one of those “odd” people who also enjoy moving.  It gives me a chance to go through some of my things that I’ve had tucked away for so long and decide whether or not if I really need them or not. I try to go through all of my things at least twice a year if not more. I have found that we usually end up using the top 2 or 3 things on the pile and the ones below hardly ever get used. I am talking about towels, sheet sets, dish clothes etc. We wash them and the go back on top of the pile.

the above was originally written Thursday August 9 2012

Are you one who likes change? Do you relate with any of what I said above?

It’s now six years later and I am still the same way. Just this morning I was talking with my husband about this very subject…how we are completely alive when we are changing and evolving. There’s a sense of adventure in moving for us. We need to find a place and I simply love the hunt, there’s the pressure of not having your own home to stay in. You have to be out by a certain date. There’s always a risk involved, then there’s the packing and I love the process of going through our things and eliminating what we don’t need. Then the moving process, and unpacking, it’s like Christmas morning for about a week. Rediscovering how our things will fit into the new space is always a fun process. Choosing colour schemes and layouts that make the space feel welcoming, beautiful and safe for all. Then we really love the discovery of a new area, meeting our new neighbours and all the nearby shops and restaurants. Since the above was written we have moved four more times and have hosted fifty different guests at multiple times in all kinds of locations from all over the world.

I use to think there was something wrong with me because other people didn’t understand it. They led me to believe that I should be settling down at some point and stay in one spot. Why? I ask.

I much prefer to move around and lean new things. I love the puzzle aspect of something new. So I am slowly learning what it is that I like and not to listen to other people. For me settling down simply means settling into a coffin and I’m not quite ready for that.

I’m not sure what the future holds but I know it’s none of business, when it’s time I will know what I need to know and act accordingly. (I don’t know what that really means.)

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