Can we ban children from restaurants?

Saturday night and we decide to go out for dinner at restaurant.. a sit down meal where we can unwind and enjoy our evening.

Let me first start by saying that I am not anti children. I have some.

Why do we feel it’s necessary to bring our children everywhere? Where are the restaurants that do not allow children?

Last night during our meal there were three children walking around, two of them were perhaps seven years old and were entertaining a small toddler. They were weaving around the table where it was packed filled with people, staff carrying drinks and hot plates.

Some customers smiled at the children which only caused the young children to stay longer at said table and interact even more. The younger one screamed at will as one does…it’s difficult to keep yourself entertained when you only want to roam and have if seeing the diaper hanging out wasn’t enough to turn your stomach the loud screams made you jump. No where did I see where they sitting..let alone the parents of said children.

This went on for an hour or so for our whole time there.

Now if I were to drop my hot tea and these children were running around and got splashed who do you think would be at fault? I presume it would be me. If a staff member dropped a tray of food on them who’s fault would that be? The business would, I’m sure.

Both the parents of these children and myself came to get something to eat and we paid for our meals but where did it become OK for me to watch your children. Maybe I paid for a babysitter so I could be out alone with my husband..but instead I had to watch yours running around.

Needless to say it really bothers me that people allow their children to just wonder off.. it’s a public setting with many dangers lurking. It’s not a family wedding where everyone knows everyone, it’s not a family members home.

If I’m at restaurant and there’s a play ground near by then I think it’s totally acceptable but this was not the case, I know not to go there. If I allowed my children who are now all young adults wander around and scream at will, we would be asked to leave but because they’re small children it’s allowed…I don’t get it.

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