Misconduct my ass..it’s illegal

Be aware everyone… we are in the middle of waking up and the silence has now finally been broken.

We are sharing our secrets that have haunted us for our life time and maybe even beyond.

We have been stuck in a cycle of power and it has been over used and abused for way too long.

Anyone that has every made someone else feel uncomfortable and have used your power to keep them quiet..be aware.

If you feel guilty then that means you have done something to someone who just might share what you have done.

It’s not about making the other person pay..it’s not even about making the other person feel bad.

It’s making yourself feel good. Taking back the power that someone else has taken away from you.

For most men in particular this has been taught and passed down from generation to generation. And as women it has become our normal. Our daughters have repeated our patterns no matter how many prayers you say…it has happened. The only way to stop this is to share our stories, it doesn’t matter how long ago it has been. We as women need to stand together, and protect ourselves and for those who have been silenced in fear from someone who abuses their power.

The truth is however that anyone who abuses their power doesn’t have any, that is why they abuse it. They are in search of it and will constantly put down others they feel they can control in order for them to obtain a fake sense of power.

Share your story.

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