I am tired of being a Victim it is time to use my Voice

Now what?

When I am a victim I have no voice…

Finding my voice lives outside me being a victim.

Those who feel pity on me while I am playing the victim in my own story are doing so because they are playing the same role…victim…

A Victim only exist when another victim hears their story.

Can you come out from behind the shadows of your story?

For so long, I convinced myself that I was locked into my victim story of my past but now I have discovered that my voice and telling my story is the key to come out of the darkness of the nightmares. They were my shackles and kept me tied down.. the monsters who first hurt me have left many years ago but I kept bringing them back in my story as if they were hurting me all over again.

When is it time to start healing?

Most of the time, we feel like we are lost and we become desperate for someone else to find us.. Truth however is that we must find ourselves and by doing so we must tell our story.

There is finding victory in your own voice.

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