What’s Cooking in Your Relationship?

So you’re in a relationship or you’re thinking about starting one. Here’s a question I want ask you.

Are you going make any of the recipes in this cookbook?

Allow me to explain.

Something catches your eye and you find this glorious cookbook that has a cover you adore. You leaf through some of the pages and the pictures look mouth watering. You check out the back and you’re hooked.

As time goes on you’re able to take more time to read over some of the recipes inside the pages. You notice some pages are a little torn and worn out, something is kind of sticky on a page or two but you believe you can over look that. You’re still interested, some of the recipes you find you’re eager to try, you want more. Some you think “I’ll have to try making that one later.”

So now you have this beautiful cookbook in your home, it sits on your counter top with pride in hopes you’ll open it and create delicious meals to enjoy. Or did you tuck yours inside a drawer covered up with other things and now you’ve forgotten about. Maybe you started out really excited about it and creating new dishes everyday. Then you became busy, life seemed to always be coming in the way of you and the cookbook, with recipes that used to teased you in the beginning with excitement.

What I’m proposing here is that maybe your relationship is like that cookbook. You started out with great excitement and now where are you with it? Are you still creating magic? Does your mouth still water when you see it?

This is where you have to think to yourself “Am I just hanging onto it for own selfishness?”

The torn pages and the worn out ones were their past, you were able to get pass that and still want to do something beautiful together.

What if you put the recipe book back? Is it time to release the relationship?

We all know someone who has picked up a book that you have set down believing it had nothing else to offer you. You really couldn’t get into it and that’s OK. Then you see someone else pick it up and they simply love it and create magic that you thought was never even possible.

Are you just hanging onto this relationship out of habit and old memories that no longer exist. Good intentions or not? Is it time for you to really step up and create some magic? The choice is yours but withholding it from allowing it to be what it was created for is wrong. Lead with your heart.

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