Stop avoiding your Life.

Hello Beautiful.

Life is a complete mystery always in motion and learning new things along the way. There’s a willingness, a need to just let things happen, a surrender onto something beyond the physical world we are use to. We will never know how much we can possibly grow until we just begin.

Can you even imagine?

We live as if we can actually stop our ourselves from growing. We believe if we ignore it long enough that it will actually go away. Somethings might actually leave your eye’s view but the feeling it belongs to will never leave because whatever leaves will always be replaced with the exact same feelings you were trying to avoid. It will appear in a way unknown to you but it will happen just as the sun will rise again tomorrow; no matter the amount of clouds that float in between you and the sun, there it is waiting to be seen.

Letting go of what we believe we know about ourselves, the crap we’ve been taught and the things we’ve copied from others; who also had no idea on what they were doing.

Let that crap go.

We are beyond the stories we tell ourselves, we are more than, there’s a calling upon your life.

And yet we try to stay small like when we were children where love just came to us.

When we do this, it is like us not facing the fact that we are actually growing. Our hair grows, our nails, our skin and on and on. There’s no stopping it.

So I ask you then why in the world would we ever want to avoid growth and stay small?

There’s more love to love when we grow.

Stop avoiding your life.

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