Connection & Communication?

As we all know the divorce rates are high and or no one gets married; not that I’m really pro married.

What I am pro for is treating your tribe (those around you) with love.

Cultures collide… boarders clash… religions smeared and sexes are one heart.

It’s can be a beautiful thing but our slow minds can’t handle all this new information.

We leave our families and the area we called home for so long to chase a feeling of wanting more. WE all have a secret dream that there must be more. A calling.

Once out of our comfort zone we begin the survival mode. things are so different; nothing like the promise in the post card and commercials we were hypnotized by.

Where do we ever learn how to treat each other?

Where is the examples to be a man?

Where is the examples of being a woman?

We are now all doing all of this on our own and putting our trust our life into a box (a computer) that has zero life experience, zero feelings. But supposedly all the answers.

At one point we use to stay near our families and we had the village, our tribe. We were never alone. But now we are all alone and separated from the pack, vulnerable and are prey. We’ll even go so far as to leave a baby alone in front of another box.

How can we ever be upset with another person? After all where did their example come from?

I believe our lives are all examples. What example are you living?

Have we substituted our connections for a lifetime of solitude?

It’s a bit confusing (which is a good thing). Creating boarders and belonging to a tribe, believing in a religion these can either work to bring people together or tear us apart.

Part of the concern now is so many walls are breaking down that most of us are lost. We don’t recognize anything or anyone.

We need connection and we obtain that through conversations/communication but talking to a box is not enough; that’s not the answer. We are born through a human being and we are created with two humans who are completely different.

Isolating ourselves only destroys who we truly are. Our core is crying to be loved and to obtain love. Let’s begin the conversation and re-connect.

We all desire to belong to something but if we remove all our current connections; what are we left with?

“They” are recreating our connections through addictive behaviour for profit which equals manipulation; which is really easy to do when you have people searching for something but don’t know what it is.

It use to be that the prey would be at a bus stop, train station looking for a way to find a new life. The hunter, the manipulator would there waiting to pounce from the shadows and offer them a temptation they would later regret.

Now it’s everywhere.

Removing boarders can be a good thing if the people already know who they are and are secure in themselves. Otherwise it’s like you’ve just left a teenage boy home alone for the weekend with unlimited resources. Or created an open marriage and one spouse is horny.

Also the examples we have to look up to; who are they really? Is it really someone we should be looking up to?

Or is anyone even looking up anymore?

The examples are now being provided inside the boxes; which have been created by someone who is manipulating you.

Evolution is slow, we evolve very slowly which is good for us but bad for business.

We are all examples and there is always someone watching.

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