What has to happen before you help someone?

Today is January 3 of the new year 2018 and as many of you have probably made new years resolutions some of you may be wondering why even bother. The world seems to be falling apart at the seams. The way people are fighting and violence that fills the space in between us is toxic on so many levels.

I wonder how we got here for just a moment … I sit with that and the answer I come up with is we traded something at one point to get here.

Convenience is one of those trading chips we’ve been using now for quite a long time but has it really been convenient? The instant gratification is another thing I believe we insisted on getting for a while now too… but there has been a trade made that you may not even been aware of. It’s been your time and your awareness.

Now we have this brilliant technology that we can communicate and learn information like never before but with everything that is good; someone somewhere will be using it for a darker side. But what are we really doing with it?

So today we sit back and enjoy whatever device we have to learn who’s doing what where. We have also opened ourselves up for this news. the news that always happens before you read it. So basically they are just sharing the bad things in the world and leave us with no way of actually doing anything about it. It always seems bigger than you.

I have wished for years to put together a good news channel.

Today I ponder what will it take for people to put down their device and help someone?

We have been desensitized with all the news, the images, it’s so constant that it seems like a lot of people just don’t care. ( I know there are people who care but there doesn’t seem to be enough)

Because of all of this we can’t take it and we will try to numb ourselves with just about anything. Any addiction will do which includes scrolling through your favourite app, food, sex, drugs, games etc.

We all have a scale that we judge on what is worthy enough of our time to actually help.

How bad does it have to get?

Will you hold someone’s hand on a bench that you don’t know because they seem sad.

Will you sit with someone on the street and listen to their story, or take them to a restaurant or your home?

Will you step in to hear both side of someone arguing?

If someone falls, do you help them up?

When is the last time you listened to your friend’s answer when you asked them how they are?

Do you volunteer to pick up trash?

What is your limit that will make you move to help?

Our eyes don’t lie, they tell the truth on how we are really feeling but because we feel ashamed, or scared or embarrassed we hide our them instead.

I believe things seem really bad because they are pretty bad but also it’s because we no longer notice those little things anymore. We need something bigger and really serious before we even begin to notice it. What is your limit?

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