What are you attracted to?

We are attracted to and are drawn to what is already inside of us..

I am talking about the effortless stuff. For me it’s flowers in soft pinks, hues of purple, roses, candles, soft lighting.. nature, the warm sunshine, the golden light of the sunset and or sunrise. Colourful food, a smile and a twinkle in someone’s eye, a hug.

For me these things are what I find beautiful without any effort.

I believe these are at our core being and that when we see these things it reminds us of who we really are. I can get completely lost in a single petal on a rose, or snowflakes falling and twirling around in a winter storm..but in those moments of being lost I feel more at home.

We need these constant reminders. It’s sad to me that I have forgotten mine for so long, it’s sad that I am not the only one in this either.  I can see it on the faces of those around me and it pains me but I send them love anyways. Each one of our journeys are as unique as the bodies we live in and we all have our free will to decide on how that is done and in what time is always up to ourselves.

My purpose and calling although seems too simple is really being able to empower everyone in particular women by providing the space for them to share their stories. So they can heal and be the woman the girl dreams about.

We are all looking for a safe place to be in even if just for a little while to rest. We are all tired, tired of the act of pretending everything is OK, when we all know it’s not. We have said “I’m fine” for way too many years now, the gig is up. We are hurting.

So back to my above point, our core is attracted to soothing, beautiful things. As for all the other things we’ve collected, notice how you feel when you’re around it. Does it make you smile? Do you feel like a better person for having it in your life? I know not everyone will like flowers and softness but I would still question why do you like the things you do? Do you simply have it because you think that’s what you’re suppose to have?

We are slowly coming out of the phase of collecting things because we have been told that we needed them. What’s surrounding you?

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