Jane Fonda & Megan Kelly …

I just finished watching a video with this Megan Kelly putting down Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda had responded to a question from Megan while being on her show. Which really did seem inappropriate however both seemed to have handled it.

Since then other press has come up and Jane has been asked about this incident.

Which responded with, Megan could of done better.

Anyhow I am just shocked at this final response from Megan. Here she is a woman in the same industry and she just added to her resume of putting down an eighty year old Hollywood legend.

In this particular time of our history as well how can we still be putting down each other?

I am pissed actually..the statement in the original interview was that ..are we still talking about that? from Jane when asked about plastic surgery. There’s a huge movement going on in the world and I would have to say that Jane Fonda is at the front of a lot of it in a good way.

How can we still be so shallow? How can we still be throwing stones at people when they are down.

I watched the first video I am talking about here and you could see Jane was upset and or not pleased with the line of questioning.

Are we really that self centered that we can’t see other people?

Why couldn’t Megan of just stopped when she seen Jane’s response in the moment it happened and said, sorry. You’re right. Let’s change subjects.

The other thing that really bothers me is Jane responded because she’s been asked about it other interviews, why did Megan feel the need to respond? Who was asking her the questions? Which movie or show is she promoting?

Enough Already!

Time to help each other up and stop knocking each other over trying to get to the yellow brick road.

(Also noted that this is where I can do better as well)

#timesup #metoo #enoughalready

*photo from www.nydailynews.com 

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