Here’s to fuck up Fridays!

Here’s to fuck up Fridays!

I’ve been playing around with the ideas of me being afraid of making mistakes. I am under the illusion tat I need to do everything right and be the police and judge towards everyone else around me. Talk about a full time bull shit job and one that really doesn’t have any benefits.

All of my mistakes, is where I learned the most. It hit me this morning that I have always said that I love to learn. Then it really hit me.. “Girl, that is exactly what we have been doing all this time.” (said the voice in my head)  Then I started to fall in love with the idea of making mistakes.

I questioned where did it become something of a bad thing..because for a while there it seemed OK to be making mistakes or we didn’t seem to care about them that much. We learned to walk eventually; through encouragement and a little help along the way we figured it out and we set out to do everything wrong.

But then school happened…I  believe that is where it all goes wrong for us. At home you have a support system and there are different ways of doing things. There can be conversations about things and it can be explained to us. But in schools there’s only one way and that’s the right way or the wrong way. The support system disappears, if it ever existed in the first place. It’s a miracle if you have just one good teacher throughout your schooling which is around thirteen years. Why isn’t it the other way around, one bad teacher in all your years.? It’s either right or wrong.

What are we learning for these days? The outdated method of creating these follows has long been gone. We all know that the system is failing us, we’ve heard it our whole lives but yet here we are still waiting for someone to fix it.

I believe we can’t fix a system when we are the ones who are broken. 

I’ll get into a few of my ideas on how to repair and replace the current system in another post but for this one here I want to share that making mistakes is perfectly OK and welcomed if you really want to learn. Now there’s a mouth full and the biggest contradiction in our school.. we go there to learn but not to make any mistakes. ??? No wonder I didn’t enjoy school.

Just sit for a moment or two and think back to all the wonderful things you know today and how they help you to live a better life……… guaranteed they were once mistakes. So let’s make a few more mistakes and learn just a little more. I shake my head and ponder to myself.. no wonder my life has been at a stand still for a while now..I have been so afraid of making a mistake that I chose to do nothing except for the things I know I can do really well. And to tell you the truth when those things didn’t turn out the way they use to all perfect and such then I had a really good excuse for that too.

Here’s to embracing the mistakes, the failure, the oops and the fuck ups..

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