We Share to Distract or to Heal

Distractions are everywhere and they are there for a reason.

Some of us however share to heal and in most cases it gets covered up by other distractions and it cannot stay open enough to actually heal.

Distractions are there to keep covering up the wound inside ourselves.

We are in a very unique time in our history, it’s the first time ever that we are all in the same arena of being able to share. As I mentioned in the above however we can either share to distract or to begin to heal ourselves.

I believe this is a very important time in our lives.. in the world. Those who have manipulated the masses, those who use greed to cover up their wounds have been in control for a very long time. Greed only attracts more greed and in the end they will die like the rest of us only having more expensive things. They still have the fear, only their fear is that they are nothing without their greed.

The masses are the middle to the lower class in most societies and these people have been fed fear like the poison it is for way too long. There’s a shift on the horizon, I feel it coming.

I have been hearing the word share for a very long time..whispering as loud as it could inside of me. Only really thinking about myself in this and trying to figure out the how.

However what I have come to the conclusion is people are desperate to find a safe place to actually share their shit and begin to heal. People are tired of being sick and they have discovered through this sharing phase we are all in; that they have not been alone in their fear.

Any sort of healing can only begin when you are in a safe environment, with nothing toxic around you. A safe place where you won’t be put down or judged for your story. This is where I come in..this is my calling for me to notify others and be the example that this space near me whatever or however that turns out to be, I am excited to find out what is the place for them to be in order to share and begin to heal.

I am still in the healing process and do not have all the answers nor do I really want them. I am willing however to share my process and heal along with others who have this deep calling to be something more than they are. I am willing to share my home and my stories, my witness, my love and be the example for others to see that this too can be possible.


I am still getting caught up in the mess we call life, things happen and I am still learning on how to deal with it all. Sometimes I can still get caught up in all of the drama that is being thrown out there at us all. Sometimes I want to get completely wrapped up in an old memory and that may include treating myself poorly..because like the rest of us I too have had really bad days and thankfully there’s always been this whisper in my body that says there’s more.. I feel blessed enough that I could actually feel that whisper in the midst of some of worst pain ever.. and just wanting it all to end.

Hang in there, and sit with yourself or hold my hand here you are not alone.. please believe in something more than where you are. This hope I want to give you has nothing to do with me getting anything ..well that’s not completely true..perhaps I may find a new friend. No matter where you’ve come from, no matter what you’ve done or not done.. I believe and know that you are more.. you are love and this is a place where you can begin to heal. I love you.


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