This is Our Time to Share. 

We are in a society with everyone having the same access to sharing our stories. This time in our history will go down as the most exposed we have ever been. In order to heal we must first expose the wound and only then can we begin the process.

We are not alone in our misery, in our shadows of darkness of shame and guilt. The masses have kept us quiet for so long believing you were the only one who went through this, who felt like this, we were the only ones who thought this was something wrong. After all if you’re standing in a room and no one else comes forward to justify your feeling then yes you feel alone and then to add to that is when you’re being told you’re crazy for feeling, thinking or speaking that way.

I like many of you have felt this loneliness and still struggle with it from time to time but I know there is healing in the sharing. Just share your story has been a whisper I have heard for years but was under the illusion that no one wanted to hear it. In other words I have been looking for a reaction, I sometimes still feel like victim who was hurt in so many ways.

When we are hurting we automatically go back to the first time we were hurt and we want to be comforted like we did back then.  Except that doesn’t happen anymore, we are all grown up as they put it but that doesn’t mean that the need still isn’t there. I have had to come to the realization that I can comfort myself and for me sharing my stories is now part of that. Through me exposing my old wounds that have been covered up for years with addictions, distractions and false love, can I then begin to allow love to flow into them, expose them to the light.

Heal thyself with love from me.

You are not alone and you matter.

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