I know you Can’t Speak

This picture stirred something inside me and I felt compelled to say something here.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

I love what the words are attached to this picture but I wanted to add more.

Not only are we leaving our children whom we aren’t completely sure about, but what do we do when our children come and tell us?

I think that is the bigger question here and I am going to go so far and say that this is one of the biggest reasons why as adults it takes a long time if ever to actually share out stories of someone silencing us.

Right now in the media as I’ve wrote about before there is an out pouring of women (and some men) sharing their stories of assaults by those in ‘power’.

When we are small and someone hurts us and we actually tell our parents, care givers, teachers etc someone whom we feel will protect us and maybe even once or twice told us to tell them if something ever does happen. So we actually tell  and what happens?

This breaks my heart because it’s a personal story for me and one that still haunts me to this day.

I wish I could say I was stronger but I really didn’t know.

I was taught to listen to my elders, to be respectful, to be nice…but what happens when that person crosses the line?

You’ve already been lured into their trap. It’s confusing because you’ve been there several times before and everything was good maybe even wonderful, you had fun…. but this one time it was different and no one is having fun. He gets angry because you don’t want to play ‘that’ game and in this moment I know I could get in trouble if I don’t play along…


Because I am not being quiet, I am standing up for my little self, I am saying stop it, I am not being very respectful to this adult and yet somehow it turns out to be my fault..

You see  I am just a little kid and I make mistakes all the time, as my family points out, I have gotten in trouble before, I have lied saying my sisters did it when it was clear that I had done it. I am not the perfect child that most parents dream of (I’ll let you in on a little secret here – no one is perfect) I have even pretended to be hurt to get attention because I wanted a hug.

So when this person was attacking me and making me do things I didn’t like, I sometimes went along with it just to be a “good” kid. You see he was clever and reminded me that my parents have told me before how to be a good kid. To do as I was told..and that I wouldn’t want to make them mad. This person was trusted in the family circle and I was just a kid..who would they believe?

This could be anyone’s story and the age really doesn’t matter.

Someone so desperate to feel powerful can only hurt and crush another because they must bring them down, way down to their slithering existence is the only way for them to feel any sort of power.

It’s really about preying on the vulnerable, weak, insecure or even just confused..it’s really a cowardly way of living.

Let me tell you..I have risen and I will continue to rise to stretch out my ever growing wings and I will never stop. I have two you see, one is for protecting those who are still scared and the other is to soar.

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